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ELEC - Signifies articles available in electronic format.
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“Epistemology: 5 Questions.”
In Epistemology: 5 Questions, edited by Vincent F. Hendricks and Duncan Prichard, 95-104. New York, London: Automatic Press, 2008

“Stroud's Quest for Reality.”
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research LXVIII, no. 2 (2004): 403-09

“Two Diagnoses of Skepticism.”
In The Skeptics: Contemporary Essays, edited by Steven Luper, 137-47. Aldershot, England: Ashgage, 2003

“The Skeptics are Coming! The Skeptics are Coming!”
in Pyrrhonian Skepticism. Ed. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Oxford University Press, (2004)

“Aspects of Quine's Naturalized Epistemology.”
The Cambridge Companion to Quine. Ed. Roger Gibson. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003. 00-00, (in press)

“Why Obey the Laws of Logic?”
Philosophical Exchange. 32 (2002): 19-29

“Contextualism and Externalism: Trading in One Form of Skepticism for Another.”
In Skepticism, Philosophical Issues. 10 (2000): 43-57, 86-93

“The Skeptic's Burden.”
International Journal of Philosophical Studies. VII.22 (1999): 159-72

ELEC “Garrett on Hume's Consistency.”
Hume Studies XXIV.1 (1998): 161-169

ELEC “David Lewis on indicative and subjunctive conditionals.”
Analysis 58.4 (1998): 286-89

ELEC “What Does a Pyrrhonist Know?”
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research LVII.2 (1997): 395-400, 417-425

ELEC “Quine's Limited Skepticism.”
Journal of Philosophy XCIV.11 (1997): 543-563

“Wittgenstein's Critique of Philosophy.”
The Cambridge Companion to Wittgenstein. Ed. Hans Sluga and David Stern. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996

“Pierre, Saul, Ruth and Bob, and a Puzzle about Belief.”
Modality, Morality, and Belief; Essays in Honor of Ruth Barcan Marcus. Ed. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Diana Raffman and Nicholas Asher. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1993. 201-14

“Metaphor, Simile and Similarity.”
Aspects of Metaphor. Ed. Jaakko Hintikka. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1993. 23-39

“Hume's Skepticism.”
The Cambridge Companion to Hume. Ed. David Fate Norton. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 1993

ELEC “Hookway on Knowledge Inferences.”
Analysis 53.3, July (1993): 164-168

“A Reading of St. Thomas' Five Ways.”
American Philosophical Quarterly 27.4 (1990): 305-313

ELEC “Hume and Berkeley on the Proofs of Infinite Divisibility.”
Philosophical Review 97.January (1988): 47-69

“The Logic of Deep Disagreements.”
Journal of Informal Logic 7.Winter(1985): 1-8

ELEC “Hume and the Missing Shade of Blue.”
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 45.December (1984): 263-272

“Wittgenstein on Identity.”
Synthese 56.August (1983): 141-54

“The Tendency of Hume's Scepticism.”
The Skeptical Tradition. Ed. Miles Burnyeat. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1983. 397-312

ELEC “Richard Price on Promising.”
Journal of the History of Philosophy 21.July (1983): 289-302

ELEC “Wittgenstein's Operator N.”
Analysis 42.June (1982): 124-27

“Wittgenstein and Classical Skepticism.”
International Philosophical Quarterly 21.March (1981): 3-15

ELEC “When I look at a Tomato there is much I cannot See.”
The Monist 64.January (1981): 100-123

ELEC “Kant and Hume on Simultaneity of Causes and Effects.”
Kant Studien 67.1 (1976): 51-59

“Hintikka's Game Theoretic Approach to Language.”
Philosophy of Logic: Proceedings of the Third Bristol Conference on Critical Philosophy (1974). Ed. Stephan Körner. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1976

ELEC “Hamilton's Theory of Quantifying the Predicate -- a Correction.”
Philosophical Quarterly 26.October (1976): 352-353

ELEC “Hamilton's Theory of Quantifying the Predicate.”
Philosophical Quarterly 26.July (1976): 217-228

ELEC “Negative Elementary Propositions.”
Philosophical Studies 25.3 (1974): 189-197

ELEC “Austinian Ifs.” Mind 81.October (1972): 578-580

ELEC “Three Platonic Analogies.”
Philosophical Review 80.July (1971): 371-382

“Thinking and Doing.”
Perception and Personal Identity. Ed. Care and Grimm. Cleveland: Press of Case Western Preserve, 1969. 478-480

“Wittgenstein and Intuitionism.”
American Philosophical Quarterly 5.4. October (1968): 267-74

“Inferential Constructions.”
American Philosophical Quarterly 4.January (1966): 15-27

“The Devolvement of Obligations.”
Logique Et Analyses 9.January (1966): 210-218



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